Frequently Asked Questions

Can you please give an overview of the database, how it works and on what systems?

The name of our system is Arnold, which was originally the name of one of our in house servers (the big, strong one) but as the application was getting built become the name of the database!

To run the database, you simply run an application on any Windows PC (XP or later) that is connected to the internet. The actual data resides on our server. This means that we back it up for you, and is a lot easier for us to make updates (see question below on new releases). Plus it means you can run the system on multiple PCs without paying any more!

The data that you enter into the system is 100% yours. At any time we can provide you a csv file of your data and we will never solicit your customers.

What are the main features of Arnold?

The simple goal of Arnold is to enable the person on the front desk of a martial arts school, or small gym, dance studio etc ... to quickly and easily enter in member's names, setup their memberships and then track their attendances.

With that being said, the system is very flexible and if you desire then you can setup family accounts, and only permit certain family members to train in certain classes. You can setup membership options that will also only allow members to participate in certain classes. It's really up to you!

You mentioned direct debit functionality, can you please elaborate?

Arnold is one of the very few 100% Australian designed, coded and owned systems designed to work with the Australian banking system.

Within the system you can easily create payment arrangements which are linked to the membership. This money is collected for you via our Gecko Direct Debits system (please see here for full terms and prices) and automatically sent to your nominated bank account.

We can automatically take payments from regular bank transaction accounts, and Visa and MarterCards.

What if we would require or desire something that Arnold doesn't have or do?

This is a great advantage of using Arnold - because Stingrae Database Services is a small family based business in Australia, our livelihood depends on our customer service. A lot of our system was suggested to us by martial arts schools that we didn't work with early. As they've come on board they've made suggestions and requests and have added things on a very regular basis.

Think of Arnold as a community system where every business that uses it is helping other Arnold businesses by working together to improve the product. We can't guarantee we can do all requests, but we do the best we can and you will be surprised by how many we do get to!

How does the subscription work? Do we have to pay extra for new versions?

No, the only additional fees on top of the monthly subscription fee are in relation to direct debit transactions, all upgrades are free.

And updating is easy too. Every time you run the application it automatically checks for a new version!