Programme Support

Running a martials arts school, or small gym, you know the importance of Customer Service.

And we're no different. We treat all calls for help and support as though you are our most important customer.

Our Service Level Agreement with You (for all plans except Lite) is simple:

We respond to all requests for help within 4 business hours (Sydney time).

What do you mean by "Support"?

Have you ever worked in a mid to large corporate environment? At Stingrae, we have.
And we now strive to bring you the same level of support.

  * So if you were to experience an "issue" with our software, then please contact us.

  * If you want a special report, or query to be run just for your business, then please contact us.

  * Or, if you need help setting something up, then please contact us!

Obviously some issues are more complex than others, so we cannot guarantee to fix all issues in that time ... but we do fix over 90% of them in this timeframe. We do guarantee that you'll never be waiting to hear from us wondering what is happening with your issue.

There are numerous ways you can contact us for help.

The easiest way is to send us an email to our Support department. If possible, please take a screen shot of the issue to help us identify it as quick as possible.

You can also give us a call, or contact us at the Stingrae Database Services Facebook page.

We thank you for your support of Arnold Martial Arts & Gym Management Software!